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Welcome, Affiliate from ASEAN

Good news from overseas. Our favorite WA marketing tool, Dripsender, has been marketed to the ASEAN region.

This is marked by the start of claiming marketing fees or commissions on sales of Dripsender accounts by overseas affiliates.

A little story, the use of Dripsender was initially only for domestic online businesses, but currently, more and more users from abroad are using Dripsender.

Even now the Dripsender team is starting to disburse funds to affiliates outside ASEAN.

Honestly, this progress is actually beyond expectations. We say many thanks to all Dripsender users both in Indonesia and in ASEAN, including Dripsender affiliates.

Especially for local affiliates, let’s gas up the promo again, don’t lose to people outside Indonesia who are aggressively marketing Dripsender even though they can’t speak Indonesian.

Dripsender Update Integration